Specialist Tyres for Forestry Applications

For this reason, strength, resistance, load capacity, stability and some grit to show in the most challenging situations are essential features and prerequisites for operating in the forestry sector.

BKT had all these factors in mind when they designed and launched their tyre range for the forestry sector. In this field, many different pieces of machinery and equipment operate to perform the most varying tasks. These include forestry harvesters, equipment for wood felling and trunk extraction as well as forwarders.

TRS offers three of the distinct forestry product lines from BKT for the New Zealand market: Forestech, FS216 and F240. Their common feature is extraordinary resistance, which stands for an extended tyre life-cycle thanks to less replacements and machine downtime.

Forestech is the ideal tyre for forwarders with its strength and resistance even under the toughest operating conditions. Its sturdy bead and the reinforced shoulder area ensure high puncture resistance. Not to be forgotten is the outstanding traction - a key requirement to operate on this kind of terrain. It is available on the market in three different sizes: 600/55 – 26.5, 710/45 – 26.5 and 750/55 – 26.5.

 Likewise, not to be overlooked is FS216. Its extraordinary cut and tear resistance make it the perfect tyre for skidders. Durability, a reinforced tread and high puncture resistance are its strengths. Excellent traction, top self-cleaning properties and high load capacity complete the picture of this tyre, which is available in eight different sizes, each of them either in steel-belted or aramid-belted versions: 18.4 – 26, 23.1 – 26; 28L – 26, 18.4 – 30, 24.5 – 32, 30.5L – 32, DH 35.5L – 32 and 18.4 – 34.

 The F240, the latest addition to BKT’s forestry tyres, specifically designed for logging operations. Excellent traction, outstanding self-cleaning properties and exceptional manoeuvrability are some of its main features. Moreover, the special and superior tread compound ensures an extended product life-cycle along with cut, wear and tear resistance. F 240 is available in two different versions 18 – 15.5 and 400 – 15.5.

Manufactured in India, BKT has been growing rapidly internationally as one of the world leaders of off-highway tyres. BKT has the widest product range with more than 2000 off-highway tyres to cover almost every possible application. BKT release around 150 new sizes annually with many of these being incorporated into the NZ market.

TRS, NZ’s largest importer & distributor of agricultural & industrial tyre and wheel systems, are the authorised distributor of BKT tyres in New Zealand. TRS offer an extensive product range covering industrial and agricultural applications. When it comes to advice, TRS can call on years of extensive product knowledge to ensure you get the correct tyre for the job, call now on 0800 336 334 

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