Mitas offers a solution for the ever-changing world of farming

The Mitas brand emphasises the needs of farmers for quality tyre equipment they can rely on, helping them continue working in ever-changing weather conditions and adapt to the fast-developing world of agriculture. Farmers have to work with various types of machinery and applications on different terrains and locations in rain, wind, and snow as well as during drought. Precisely chosen, reliable tyres can help farmers to improve the overall effectivity of farming.

 Mark Prentice, TRS national sales manager, says: “Regardless of soil conditions, weather or diverse terrain, farmers must go to the field to plant, cultivate and harvest. During a hot summer or freezing winter, on a muddy field or when on the road, Mitas tyres work reliably and efficiently. Mitas offers quality and reliability farmers can trust.”

“The technological development and new trends in agriculture bring even more opportunities for farmers, but there is also a bigger responsibility for them to select the right tyres for a particular task.”

Mitas offers a wide range of agricultural tyres that can answer all of the needs of NZ farmers. The Mitas range goes from powerful tractor tyres, tyres for combine harvesters and gentle flotation tyres to tyres for sprayers, municipal machinery or handlers and loaders used in agriculture. They are an ideal partner to plow, seed or harvest and to provide optimal traction, footprint and ride comfort.

Prentice concluded: “We appreciate the tough job that farmers have and that is why we are producing strong tyres they can count on in any conditions.”