Trelleborg wins “Supplier of the Year” award at the 2018 AGCO China Supplier Day

Posted: 11/14/2018

Paolo Pompei, President of Trelleborg Wheel Systems, commented, “The Supplier of the Year award is the highest recognition from AGCO China, and it’s a great honor for our China team. We will continuously drive and deliver innovative and high-quality solutions together with our strategic partner, AGCO. In March 2018, we received the Partner Award from AGCO EAME for exceeding AGCO’s performance standards and for serving as a world-class benchmark for leadership in innovation worldwide.”

Alistair McLelland, Global Vice President and Managing Director at AGCO China, stated, “Our AGCO vision is to provide ‘high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world’, and our mission is to achieve ‘profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment’. We aim to attain extraordinary results together with our valuable supplier. That’s why the year’s theme is: We aspire to ideal partnerships.”

“AGCO Changzhou has been tremendously successful with the Global Series tractors – produced in China – which are considered premium products with advanced features by farmers in North America, Europe, the Far East, Africa and beyond,” added Wenrong Fang, AGCO Changzhou Manufacturing Director.

Stefano Bettinelli, Global OE Sales Director of Trelleborg agricultural tires, concluded, “Having received the prestigious AGCO Supplier of the Year Award is a great demonstration of Trelleborg being recognized by the AGCO group of ideal partnerships, and it will encourage Trelleborg Wheel Systems to push forward.”