A new era of agri tyre technology

Posted: 09/18/2020

As farming has become more focused on technology, productivity and sustainability, tyre manufacturers have had to evolve and keep ahead of ever-changing machinery requirements.

Trelleborg, a leading global supplier of tyres and complete wheel systems for agricultural machinery, is at the forefront of this evolution. “Trelleborg is committed to innovative agricultural tyre solutions that promote productivity, sustainability and farm efficiency”, says Trelleborg’s new local Brand Manager, Ivan Burrows. “Confidence in the Trelleborg brand is strengthened by its partnering with the world’s most recognised tractor brands as a leading supplier of tyres seen on European machinery coming into NZ.”

TRS Tyre & Wheel, New Zealand’s largest importer and distributor of agricultural and industrial tyres and wheels, was purchased by Trelleborg AB in July 2018 and has evolved from a tyre and wheel distributor to a manufacturer. With the change has come access to the considerable resources and expertise of Trelleborg Wheel Systems.

This has allowed TRS to work closer with contractors and farmers to provide the best possible solution to meet their requirements. “I look forward to introducing Trelleborg’s innovative technologies, and tyre and wheel solutions, to the New Zealand market”, says Ivan.

These technologies include their Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) App, Progressive Traction®, Blue Tire and PneuTrac.

Adopting the right tyre pressure reduces fuel consumption, while increasing traction power and crop yields, protecting and enhancing the modern farming business. The TLC App, launched in 2011, was the industry’s first load and pressure calculator. It’s available in 14 languages, works with over 5,000 potential machine configurations and constantly registers thousands of downloads, upgrades and premium reviews across five continents.

The demand for higher farming productivity drives the continuous development of new engines and transmissions for medium to high power agricultural machines. The Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction® tread design was conceived to cope with the latest generation of machinery, increasing the efficiency with which power is transmitted from the engine to the field while reducing soil compaction. At the same time, the special double-edged tread design was engineered to decrease the tread vibration contributing to lower energy dissipation and minimising fuel consumption.

Trelleborg PneuTrac is a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tyre in terms of efficiency, comfort and handling, with the wide footprint and traction benefits of a track. It delivers unbeatable performance on both steep slopes and muddy terrain, reducing the stress on roots while ensuring healthy crops and better yields. In addition, on road applications, the hybrid nature of the PneuTrac assures safety, handling and comfort along with fuel consumption performances in line with a modern radial pneumatic tyre.

TRS Tyre & Wheel has a wide range of Trelleborg and Mitas tyres now available in New Zealand, and over 30 years’ experience in wheel manufacturing services.