Trelleborg Elite XP is the premium tyre for materials handling

Trelleborg Elite XP tyre users are in the privileged position of being able to control their tyre spend while protecting operators and machines, and at the same time increasing their productivity.

The Elite XP’s innovative Pit Stop Line technology, coupled with its square footprint, are just two of the features that make the unique materials-handling tyre the first choice for forklift operators worldwide.
The Pit Stop Line is a highly-visible orange stripe that appears on the tyre surface, indicating approximately 100 hours of tyre life remaining. This technology ensures that Elite XP users get maximum whole-life value from their tyres by always replacing them at the right time, without compromising performance, safety or productivity.

The Elite XP’s square footprint provides excellent stability and greater contact area, which reduces wear and tear and results in a longer tyre life.

Netherlands-based building materials manufacturer MBI has converted its 35-strong fleet of forklifts to Trelleborg Elite XP tyres after trialling them in comparison with other brands. MPI, which has production and sales locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, cites its world-leading logistics processes as one of the cornerstones of the company’s success and longevity. Vincent Westerdijk is responsible for service and maintenance work on MBI’s forklifts, and he said the company opted for Trelleborg Elite XP tyres after conducting long-running trials.

“The Trelleborg Elite XPs were clearly better, and we’ve been gradually replacing the other brands. Forklifts in our business run in two or three shifts and that means 16 to 24 hour days. For us it is especially important that the driver feels at ease. Since the Trelleborg Elite XP tyres absorb most of the vibrations, our drivers are no longer plagued with back pain. Furthermore, I have definitely noticed the difference in the workplace. Before, we had to replace the bearings in the lifting frame regularly. Now this hardly even happens, which pays in the form of savings that are anything but negligible,” said Vincent Westerdijk.


“Also, thanks to the Pit Stop Line,” Vincent Westerdijk added, “we can visually check when the tyres are really worn. When the colour strip becomes visible, you can continue working with the forklift for about another 100 hours. This is handy for the driver and organising work schedules, but it also adds value to the purchaser for each running hour. So it’s a real win-win situation.”

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