Progressive Traction 

With its outstanding field and road performance, the ProgressiveTraction tyre, is a new concept in agricultural tyres specifically designed to improve farming efficiency thanks to a double lug. Operating on the soil at different times, the double lug progessively releases higher traction when required.



Blue Tire Technology provides simultaneously higher efficiency / productivity and environmental respect. In few words, the Blue Tire Technology is innovation for sustainable farming, helping professionals to produce more, but in a sustainable way.

A new bead - an advanced carcass design as well as new belts boost flexibility characteristics, significantly reduce rolling resistance (along with fuel consumption) and widen the footprint for field operations.
Tread design - the shape and the width of the lug have been redesigned. The new lug is wider in the central part of the tread than in the mid/shoulder area. This characteristic helps to increase the contact surface of the tyre as to improve road performance (wear & rolling resistance, handling, safety & comfort) and to increase the traction capacity.

All the improvements listed above:

  • Provide value for the farmers and value for the environment.
  • Lowered fuel consumption and higher traction result in lower operating costs (higher efficiency)
  • Lower CO2 emissions ensuring great benefit for the environment.
  • Wider footprint reduces soil compaction (respecting the soil health & preventing release of carbon in the atmosphere) and increases crop yields (higher productivity).

Trelleborg has developed an innovation for premium industrial tyres that lets you know when your tyres need replacingthrough a simple visual reference.
We call this innovation Pit Stop Line. Choosing Pit Stop Line from Trelleborg means always replacing tyres at the right time ensuring that you keep your forklifts working and get full value for money.