Trelleborg’s TM Blue™ technology is the future of agriculture

Trelleborg Wheel Systems’ TM Blue technology is an agricultural tyre concept, relatively new in New Zealand, that delivers higher productivity and lower costs for farmers, while at the same time taking environmental sustainability to a whole new level.

Today’s farmers recognise that preserving the environment is one of their major guiding principles, and they demand not only premium performance from their equipment, but also proven sustainability credentials. TM Blue delivers on every level, and much more.

Respect for the soil is paramount
The most advanced tyre technology available worldwide, the TM Blue concept is developed to respect the structure of the soil and preserve its organic life by minimising mechanical damage caused by compression and bad or wrong tillage. This is achieved with its extra-wide footprint, carcass deflection capability and the consequent overall pressure distribution on the field.The tyre allows the soil to return to its original state as an organic reactor that is capable of absorbing air-bound nutrients, recycling crop residues and retaining water to ensure high crop yields in the short, medium and long term.

Boosting farm productivity through preserving the environment
The unique innovation of the TM Blue concept results from applying advanced tyre engineering and low-impact production processes to deliver a tyre to the end-user that will drive better performance and productivity.

Trelleborg’s Director of Agricultural and Forestry Tyres Lorenzo Ciferri explains: “The mission of the TM Blue concept is to move from the traditional theme of low soil compaction to an advanced overall respect for the earth. This enables farmers to benefit from our caring for the environment and can mean real savings in their pocket through increased productivity and lowered fuel consumption. Every day, we challenge our organisation to look for environmentally-friendly approaches that improve the performance and efficiency of our products and solutions.”

Blue manufacturing process
TM Blue is not just about the tyre itself, but also the Blue manufacturing process.
According to Marco D’Angelo – Trelleborg’s Industrial Director of Agricultural and Forestry Tyres, “Significant investment has been made into several projects to reduce energy consumption and to prevent the risk of environmental contamination. This includes the use of environmentally-friendly extender oils throughout our production process.”

Blue self-cleaning
The innovative tread design of Trelleborg’s entire TM range gives the tyres their unique self-cleaning properties. The advanced inter-lug terracing enhances the tyres’ mud-ejection capacity, thus maximising the self-cleaning capability of the tyre. Compared to the performance of their main brand competitors when tested under the same operating conditions, the TM tyres clearly demonstrate two major advantages:

  • Higher traction capability under torque conditions
  • Less soil transferred to roads, reducing the risk of accidents and waste

Blue user experience
The leading-edge engineering of the entire TM tyre range also ensures an improved experience for the driver. The shape of the lug and damping capability of the carcass guarantees low vibration, significantly increasing the comfort, safety and health of the operator.

Lower fuel consumption
In addition to all its performance and sustainability advantages, the TM Blue concept also means a much reduced fuel consumption and consequent substantial lowering in CO² emissions.

Field testing in European conditions show that for a tractor of 260 HP during road application, TM Blue can save up to 3000 fuel litres, equating to savings of around 2,550EUR per year, compared to the average performance of the market.

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