Welcome to the Agriplus universe, the new partnership programme that rewards your loyalty. Choosing Trelleborg agricultural tyres helps you to “Produce more, with less”. With Trelleborg you enhance your operations and protect and grow your business. 

Agriplus is an exciting new partnership programme which enables you to earn points for a variety of Trelleborg-related activities. Earning points is easy. Points are earned for Trelleborg loose tyre sales and every new tractor purchased fitted with Trelleborg tyres. Choose your preferred reward from the online Agriplus catalogue and receive it delivered directly to your door.


Agriplus let’s you accelerate your performance by joining our exclusive training platform to earn more points whilst:-
- expanding your technical knowledge
- better understanding the Trelleborg range
- discovering Trelleborg’s latest innovations
For example, participate in our online training or download our brochures and product information to earn more points.
Plus there will be exclusive offers and campaigns for Agriplus members. Discover further details on or by contacting your Trelleborg representative.

Loose tyre sales qualify for Trelleborg TM600 and above models.

 Watch here - AGRIPLUS VIDEO