Tyre Optimisation service for tractor owners

TRS are offering a tyre optimisation service for tractors running on either Trelleborg or Mitas tyres. The tyre optimisation service is designed to determine the right balance between inflation pressures and load, allowing the operator to get the most out of their tyres, whilst increasing tractor productivity and output. A visit can be as short as 30 minutes to get the tractor back out working as quick as possible.

With new tyre and tractor technology, previous assumptions on tyre inflation pressures are often outdated. Not only does inflation determine the amount of load a tyre can carry, but it also impacts ride comfort, fuel consumption, tyre life and overall tractor performance. Adopting the right pressure will reduce running costs by over 20%.

Tyre optimisation is free of charge and available to all tractors with a full set of Trelleborg or Mitas tyres. At the visit the most accurate data is provided on tyre pressure recommendations, footprint analysis and soil compaction advice, all using technology exclusive to TRS and Trelleborg.

“The tyre optimisation service has allowed TRS to work closer with contractors and farmers to provide the best possible solution to meet their requirements”, say’s Trelleborg’s Brand Manager, Ivan Burrows. “Trelleborg is committed to innovative agricultural tyre solutions that promote productivity, sustainability and farm efficiency. Confidence in the Trelleborg brand is strengthened by its partnering with the world’s most recognised tractor brands as a leading supplier of tyres seen on European machinery coming into NZ.”

During the visit the tractor is weighed on both axles to understand the weight distribution on the tyres. Using the Trelleborg load calculator app, optimum tyre pressure can be calculated for the specific machine configuration and model of tyre being used. The TLC App, launched in 2011, was the industry’s first load and pressure calculator. It’s available in 14 languages and works with over 5,000 potential machine configurations.

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