Dual Wheels

TRS Dual Wheel Systems have proven effective in increasing productivity on New Zealand farms for many years. The only dual wheel system designed & manufactured specifically for nz conditions.

TRS can manufacture Dual Wheel Systems to suit all applications and size of tractor. Specialist designs are available to maintain the overall width within specific parameters or for specialist applications such as rowcrop.


Consider the benefits of a Dual Wheel System:

  • FLOTATION - the addition of Dual Wheels to a tractor significantly reduces the ground pressure due to a larger footprint. The result provides less ground compaction and reduced damage to crop & pasture yields.
  • STABILITY - Dual Wheels increase the overall width of a tractor, which improves stability on lateral slopes.
  • TRACTION - Certain ground conditions or the utilisation of large cultivation equipment can mean more traction is required. The extra lugs provided  by a Dual Wheel Sysytem ensure the tractor power is more effectively transmitted to the ground.


Contact the TRS Sales Team on 0508 899 899 to discuss your Dual Wheel requirements