EMR1030 - Earthmover Radial Tyres

The Trelleborg EMR range is designed to enhance productivity in critical construction applications, delivering both damage protection and durability while the multi surface tread design delivers control and perfect grip when it’s needed most, whether sand, rock, gravel or soil.

With its strong radial carcass and state-of-the-art cut-resistant compound, the EMR1030 is the premium tyre for articulated dump trucks, graders and loaders of all kinds. The EMR1030’s radial construction and reinforced carcass assure its long life, while also providing equal load distribution, meaning a comfortable ride for the operator and low fuel consumption

Designed for articulated dumper, loader and grader applications, the EMR1030 is ideal for every kind of haulage and loading operation, and is extremely versatile in industries such as infrastructure and building construction, landscaping, open pits and quarries.

Watch a video of Trelleborg’s EMR Series tyres in action - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SllcTLo8h9M

Download the brochure here - http://www.trstyreandwheel.co.nz/file/download/48/

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