Trelleborg Forestry: serious tyres for serious foresters

Trelleborg Wheel Systems’ forestry tyre range is a market leader worldwide and is extending its reach into the New Zealand market through TRS Trelleborg’s Wanganui-based distribution network.

General Manager of TRS Trelleborg New Zealand, Andrew Gillam, says one of the multi-national company’s chief objectives is extending its market penetration through leveraging its global footprint. “Local presence and global reach have become key drivers in Trelleborg’s forestry business strategy. Today Trelleborg is present in over 50 countries around the world, with a specialist network for professional service and support."

“We have extensive knowledge of the specific applications used in each business segment, and we draw on this to meet the challenges faced by New Zealand’s forestry sector. “With long experience of serving forestry customers all over the world, TRS Trelleborg has the capability and focus necessary to deliver highly-specialised forestry solutions to realise added value for our New Zealand customers.”

Skidder T418 – the heavy duty solution
Specifically designed for the tough demands of log skidding service, Trelleborg’s Skidder T418 delivers premium penetration and tear resistance, while providing longer tyre life for forestry users under the most severe operating conditions.
The T418’s armoured plies and steel belt protect the tyre’s carcass against stumps, boulders and rocks. Its deep and strong 23° lugs provide maximum traction and super-strong grip on slippery and soft surfaces, while its extra-reinforced sidewall increases the lateral stability of the tyre and protects it against impact.

T480 – the track solution
The T480’s transverse grooves and wide flat tyre profile give it unmatched track grip and compatibility. Even without tracks, the user experiences unequalled pulling power in every NZ forestry condition.
With its wide lug shoulder, the T480 has great track lateral stability and shoulder robustness, while its unique terraced tread design give the tyre its effective self-cleaning properties, as well as added pulling power.

T440 – the traction solution 
The T440 applies Trelleborg’s exclusive ProgressiveTraction® technology to give the tyre the best possible grip.
The T440’s innovative tread is characterised by a special double-lug that operates on the soil at different times, progressively releasing higher traction when and where it’s needed. The double-lug also provides the tyre with better floatation capability, ensuring an even pressure distribution over the extra-wide footprint.
With its inter-lug terrace technology, the T440 boasts better grip and self-cleaning properties, with less impact on the forest floor.

Trelleborg Blue Tyre technology delivers increased sustainability
Relatively new to New Zealand, and now making an impact in agricultural applications, Trelleborg’s exclusive TM Blue™ technology also features in Trelleborg’s forestry tyre range. The TM Blue Tyre technology is a concept developed by Trelleborg to reduce the environmental footprint of its tyre solutions, as well as provide end-users with premium productivity and efficiency. Trelleborg uses eco-friendly manufacturing procedures in producing its forestry range, utilising more sustainable materials and continuously evaluating its design and manufacturing processes within the context of its environmental goals.
Trelleborg Forestry Solutions video watch here.


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