2022 Indent Offer now open

After the hugely successful indent offer last year, we have now opened this years Trelleborg Indent Offer for NZ farmers.

Considerable savings can be made on agricultural tyres by placing an indent order with TRS before the end of May for delivery in spring. There is no minimum order requirement and by pre-ordering farmers have the security of knowing their tyres for spring are on the way but no payment is required until they arrive. Orders are delivered via local tyre retailers so fitting, and any follow-up service can be easily arranged.

“The Indent offer targets rural contractors & large-scale farmers who can gain the most benefit from pre-planning their Spring tyre purchase” said Ivan Burrows, Trelleborg brand manager. “The indent offer allows farmers to better plan cashflow and make worthwhile savings at the same time.”

TRS also offer a tyre optimisation service for all tractors running on either Trelleborg or Mitas tyres which is free with any indent orders. The tyre optimisation service is designed to determine the right balance between inflation pressures and load, allowing the operator to get the most out of their tyres, whilst increasing tractor productivity and output. A visit can be as short as 30 minutes to get the tractor back out working as quick as possible.

During the visit the tractor is weighed on both axles to understand the weight distribution on the tyres. Using the Trelleborg load calculator app, optimum tyre pressure can be calculated for the specific machine configuration and model of tyre being used. The TLC App, launched in 2011, was the industry’s first load and pressure calculator and works with over 5,000 potential machine configurations.

With new tyre and tractor technology, previous assumptions on tyre inflation pressures are often outdated. Not only does inflation determine the amount of load a tyre can carry, but it also impacts ride comfort, fuel consumption, tyre life and overall tractor performance. Adopting the right pressure will reduce running costs by over 20%.

TRS Tyre & Wheel, New Zealand’s largest importer and distributor of agricultural and industrial tyres and wheels, was purchased by Trelleborg AB in July 2018 and has evolved from a tyre and wheel distributor to a manufacturer. With the change has come access to the considerable resources and expertise of Trelleborg Wheel Systems. information

Farmers can register their interest obligation free at www.trstyreandwheel.co.nz/indent or call TRS directly for a free no obligation quote.